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Squiggles and ~Spring~

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Client quilts are always my favorite. Check out this recent finish below!

Pattern: Squiggles (also known as a meander)

A simple design that packs a punch! This quilting pattern is perfect for the man in your life. It leaves the quilt with the perfect crinkle for a snuggly and easy-to-wash quilt.

Just like Joey and his ~satchel~ men can be funny about quilts! Below I have identified the best patterns for quilts specifically for men! One of my favorites represents a river and fishing whereas others are more like abstract thoughts.


Best quilting designs for men:

  1. Squiggles

  2. Labyrinth

  3. Malachite

  4. Gone Fishin'

All of these patterns and more can be viewed in available designs!

Until next time,

Quincy Standage

The Contemporary Quilter | Quilter's Retreat

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