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Longarm Quilter | Trademark & Copyright Law-Student | Quilt Enthusiast

Hi, I'm Quincy, the voice and quilter behind Quincy Light quilting!


A little about me:

I operate out of central Missouri and have been machine quilting for over 10 years. As a 23-year-old quilter, I have always aspired to provide quality longarm quilting as a career.

On every quilt, I strive to deliver excellent results in a reasonable time. So you can get back to showing off the gorgeous new quilt you created!


So where is the legal connection? 


So often online I see quilters and other crafty friends have their images, patterns, and online presence stolen by those who exploit the images for financial gain. Upon graduation, I want to assist other business owners with basic protection mechanisms in filing trademarks and copyrights to protect their business. Upon graduation in May 2024 from law school, I will continue to offer high-quality longarm quilting services along with small business legal services. No one deserves to have their work stolen!


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